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U.S. State Department Spring 2009 Internships

The U.S. Department of State offers opportunities to get first hand
experience in the field of foreign affairs. Whether you work in the
U.S. or at one of 265-plus posts around the world, you will help the
Department create a more secure, prosperous and democratic world.
Students from all majors can make a real difference by helping build
and keep positive relationships between America and the rest of the
Internships are excellent preparation for future careers in both the
Civil Service and the Foreign Service. The Department is looking
for students with a broad range of majors, such as Business or
Public Administration, Social Work, Economics, Information
Management, Journalism, and the Biological, Physical and Engineering
Sciences, as well as those majors more traditionally identified with
international affairs.
* A U.S. citizen
* A student, as defined in the Qualifications & Evaluation section
* In good academic standing in an accredited institution
How Interns are Selected
The Intern Coordinators Office receives all applications and reviews them to ensure that they are complete and that applicants meet the eligibility criteria. Applications are then forwarded to the bureaus identified by the applicant. Bureau representatives evaluate applicants based on the application materials.
Foreign language ability is an important factor in placement for internships abroad. Completing some academic studies relevant to the type of work you wish to perform increases your competitiveness.
The bureau or office to which the Intern Coordinators Office submits the applications may make a verbal offer to an applicant. However, the offer is not “official” until selectees receive written notification from the Internship Program’s Office. This notification is a tentative offer to participate in the internship program. A final offer is contingent upon complete investigation and issuance of a security clearance. Those who are not selected for internships will also be notified. So that we may contact you as soon as possible, please make sure that any changes of address after you apply are updated immediately in your applicant profile.
How to Apply
We are now accepting applications to the 2009 Spring Internship Program. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is July 1, 2008.
All applications are submitted online through the “Gateway to State” system, which also screens applications to make sure that they are complete, and that applicants meet the eligibility criteria.
Click here for a link to further information and application.