An Evening with Maya Cinema

A Session on Maya Films presented by K’iche’/Kaqchikel poet and film maker Rosa Chávez

 Monday October 29,  BEN 2.104, 6 p.m.

Four short films by Maya men and women film makers will be shown and discussed by poet and film maker Rosa Chávez.


Rosa Chávez (1980) is a Guatemalan poet of Maya K’iche’ origin. Her books of poetry include Casa solitaria (2005),Piedra abaj’ (2009), El corazón de la piedra (2010), and Quitapenas (2010). She is currently studying cinema and television in Casa Comal and participates as part of the Mayan Artists’ Movement, Ri Akux Nikotzijan.

Her work has been published in many journals and anthologies of poetry throughout the United States and Latin America. She has been invited to a number of poetry readings across the Americas and Europe.


Clara” directed by Josefina Cuxl Xuc

Produced 2011. Duration: 3 minutes. Subtitled in English.


Following her parents and ancestors customs, a Young woman must comply with an arranged marriage.


 “Volver a Creer” directed by Elvis Caj

Produced 2011. Duration: 5 minutes. Subtitled in English.


Yax loses interest in preserving his ancestral customs. His sister tries to convince him not to abandon the tradition. Thanks to a dream, he realices that to abandone one’s customs is to abandon oneself.


Sobre el Comal” directed by Leyzer Edinter Chiquin Cho

Produced 2011. Duration: 5 minutes. Subtitled in English.


Rosibel’s mother has forbidden her to make tortillas over the stove. Secretly, she has not stopped making them. Her grandmother, when she notices her enthusiasm, decides to perform a secret Maya ritual so she can continue with this custom with the gift of energy offered by the Moon.


Qómaneel” directed by  Cleida Maruquita Cholotio

Produced 2011. Duration: 9 minutes. Subtitled in English.


Candelaria, a spiritual healer, attends her patients with sincerity and humility. Her talent has turned her into an indispensable person por the inhabitants of a village by Lake Atitlan. However, this millenarian practice is being affected by rapid modernity.

The show is sponsored by the Spanish & Portuguese Department and  LLILAS

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