National Latino Leadership Summit to be held in Austin

The Latin@ Leadership Council at the University of Texas at Austin is pleased to announce that the 7th annual National National Latin@ Leadership Summit will take place in Austin on October 23-24, 2009.
The Latin@ Leadership Summit is one of the largest leadership conferences for Latin@ students in the Southwest, drawing students from universities across the country.
This year’s theme, “Latino Image: The Road to Self Discovery,” will focus on stereotypes that we face as Latin@s in our communities. While stereotypes distort reality and determine the way Latin@s are perceived in the United States, they also create reality by blinding us from understanding the way society works. The conference will provide students with the tools and skills necessary to overcome these stereotypes and transform their communities in a way that new images and realities are created. The Summit will also allow students to engage in dialogue on the impact stereotypes have on Latin@s education, professional, and social lives.
Students and Administrators are encouraged and invited to reserve your place at the conference today!
Registration for the Summit will be $30. Registration includes access to all workshops and events, provides several meals, a conference bag filled with resources, networking opportunities with conference participants, and much more!


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