Ten films about the revolution in Mexico

The series SE BUSCA: LA REVOLUCION MEXICANA, presented by the MACC and Cine Las Americas portrays an event that forever transformed the landscape of Mexican politics and its social and cultural life. In many ways, Mexico is still coming to terms with a revolution that shook the political foundations of the country from 1910-1920, and continued as a civil war through 1929. This series of films and documentaries serve as a cinematic legacy of the characters and events of an unconcluded revolution. The film series runs until October 22. For more information about the films, visit

All screenings at the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC )
600 River Street, Austin, Texas 78701
All films in Spanish with English subtitles are Free.

Indoor Screenings (all films start at 8:00 PM). Proyecciones al aire libre (todas las películas se exhiben a las 20.00 hrs)
Tuesday, October 7/Martes 7 de octubre 1910, LA REVOLUCION ESPIRITA 1910 THE SPIRITIST REVOLUTION

Directed by/Dirigida por Alejandro Fernández Solsona 2006, Mexico, 72 min, Documentary
What were the reasons that brought Francisco I. Madero to defend the political rights of the Mexican people? What was his motivation to believe in democracy and the value of elections? To believe in a free society committed to its own destiny? Where did his belief in the law and his will to transform Mexico come from? This film presents a little known chapter of the Mexican Revolution: the involvement of Francisco I. Madero in the spiritist movement, the first revolutionary president of Mexico, who committed himself to create a consciousness in Mexican society through his own spiritual convictions. A revelation of the unknown events that put Mexico on the road to democracy.

Outdoor Screenings (all films start at 8:00 PM). Proyecciones al aire libre (todas las películas se exhiben a las 20.00 hrs)
Wednesday, October 8/Miércoles 8 de octubre EL PRISIONERO 13 PRISONER 13
Directed by/Dirigida por Fernando de Fuentes 1933,Mexico, 76 min, Drama de la Revolución Starring/Reparto: Alfredo del Diestro, Luis G. Barreiro, Adela Sequeyro, Arturo Campoamor.
Two gripping stories are interwoven in Prisoner 13; a son pays for his father’s faults, and a desperate mother tries to save her son’s life at any cost. Destiny and corruption play a trick on Carrasco when he is bribed to free a revolutionary and arrest someone in his place. Unbeknownst to him he ends up arresting his own son.

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