UT Journalism students produce “The Wall” video documentary

Adelante, a grassroots University of Texas at Austin student publication, proudly presents its short documentary titled simply “The Wall”. The Wall is our attempt to tell the story of people affected by the proposed wall/fence/thing. We spoke with student activists, UT Brownsville administrators, a landowner, and even a charismatic Border Patrol agent named Doty.
We took great pleasure and excitement in creating this video and the accompanying print/online newspaper articles. We hope you share our enthusiasm.

Watch The Wall here:

Two weekends ago, four ambitious J students with no funding and no professorial advising packed into a two-door Sunfire with a video camera and a large folding map of Texas. They were headed for Brownsville, our state’s southern-most border community. Why, you ask?
The Wall.
The Wall authorized by the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The Wall originally planned to cut an ugly path literally across the UT Brownsville campus. The Wall that has Rio Grande Valley landowners upset. The Wall that many Americans north of San Antonio support. The Wall that few Americans on the border do.


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