4/4: Student Application Deadline for Unity Convention ’08

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Training and Cover the Industry’s Largest Gathering of Journalists, UNITY ‘08 <http://www.nahj.org/educationalprograms/conventionprojects.shtml>
Work in a “converged” newsroom at the UNITY ’08 Convention and meet hundreds of professional newspaper, radio, TV and online journalists. This experience can be yours if you apply for, and are accepted into, the UNITY ’08 Student Projects, which run from July 20-27 in Chicago. UNITY will pay for participants’ meals, travel and lodging.
The UNITY ’08 convention will be the largest gathering of journalists in the country and a great opportunity to learn newsroom skills from veterans. The UNITY web publication will become the main medium for students’ content and a prime source of news and information about this historic gathering for convention participants and online users across the country. Students will also continue publishing a daily newspaper and producing radio and a television newscast while also being trained in video, audio, webcasting, podcasting and a mix of multimedia skills that are now key to building a solid résumé.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY APRIL 4, 2008. For more information and to apply: http://www.nahj.org/educationalprograms/conventionprojects.shtml
Earn Money for College, Apply for an NAHJ Scholarship! <http://www.nahj.org/educationalprograms/nahjscholarships.shtml>
Since the inception of the Rubén Salazar Scholarship Fund and Educational Programs in 1986, NAHJ has awarded more than $1.4 million to 525 students. With these scholarships, NAHJ encourages and assists Latino students pursuing a career in journalism. Hispanics remain woefully underrepresented in mainstream U.S. newsrooms and with these scholarships, NAHJ wishes to help more qualified Hispanic students move from the classroom to the newsroom. Apply today! The awards range from $1,000 to $5,000. Application Deadline : Friday, April 4, 2008
For more information about NAHJ’s scholarships please visit: http://www.nahj.org/educationalprograms/nahjscholarships.shtml

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