Internship: Work on Latin American and Human Rights Policy

WOLA is a nonprofit policy, research and advocacy organization working to advance democracy, human rights, and social and economic justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. WOLA staff interacts with congressional offices, the State Department, the media, and non-governmental and international organizations. WOLA seeks to influence policy in many ways: briefing congressional offices, writing reports and issue briefs, organizing press conferences and seminars, addressing academic audiences and working with the media.
Sally Yudelman Internship at WOLA
WOLA’s internship program is named after Sally Yudelman for her contribution and commitment to WOLA, human rights and democracy in Latin America. Through WOLA’s Yudelman Internship Program we hope to provide unique mentoring opportunities to interns thereby encouraging the next generation of young people to become actors in the formation of U.S. foreign policy.
WOLA’s Yudelman Internship Program works to give interns a broad exposure to the foreign policy-making process and aims to familiarize its interns with current events in Latin America through regular meetings with our staff and by attending NGO coalition meetings, congressional hearings, and other discussions and events. In addition, throughout the semester, interns will have a series of “brown bag” lunch discussions with representatives from different sectors that interact with the NGO world, such as foundations, governments, and multilateral institutions. Upon arrival each intern is assigned to work with a WOLA Associate on one issue and will produce a detailed research project that meets the intern’s interests and the Associate’s needs.
Applications to the WOLA’s Yudelman Internship are three times each year— summer, fall and spring. WOLA selects seven interns per session. The internship is unpaid. During the fall and spring, interns are expected to work at least 24 hours each week. During the summer, they are expected to work 32 hours each week.
Approximately 65% of the internship is administrative in nature—answering telephones, faxing, copying, or working on a specific task (i.e. fulfilling orders for our many publications, helping to keep our website updated, monitoring the media). The reminder of the time is spent on the intern project or other substantive work.
Interested applicants should have a demonstrated interest in human rights, democracy and economic justice in Latin America; initiative and flexibility; the capability to work in a fast-paced environment; good organizational skills; follow-through and attention to detail. Spanish proficiency is strongly recommended. Technical skills are highly desired.
Latin American and minority students are encouraged to apply. In general, the Yudelman Internship Program is not open to either graduate students or to students who have already graduated as they are generally looking for something more substantive in nature.
In order to be considered for an internship, WOLA needs the following materials:
*a cover letter in which you state:
* that you understand the internship is unpaid
* your specific dates of availability
* your willingness to work at least 24 hours each week (32 if you are applying for a summer internship)
* why you want to intern at WOLA, an idea of your specific interests regarding Latin America, and your language abilities.
*a resume
*the names and telephone numbers of at least two references
*a short writing sample (no more than 2-3 pages) on a topic of your choice. It can be a paper you submitted for a class.

Summer internship (late May/early June through August) March 25

Fall internship (early September through mid-December) July 20
Spring internship (mid-January through May) November 15
Application materials should be addressed to the Intern Coordinator:
Kristina DeMain
Internship Recruitment Coordinator
1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW Floor 2
Washington, D.C. 20009


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