University of Texas to Host Third Amazon Week March 4-10

The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies will host its third Amazon Week at The University of Texas at Austin March 4-10, 2008. The week will include panel and roundtable discussions on campus exploring contemporary environmental and social issues in the Amazon and the world premiere of They Killed Sister Dorothy at the SXSW Film Festival.
Experts from the U.S. and Brazil will talk about the various ways the Amazon and its populations have been imagined in the past and present, the way indigenous groups manage the environment, and the special challenges and opportunities of conducting research in the region. Presenters will include Susanna Hecht, a pre-eminent scholar on Amazonian development and policy based at UCLA, and Priscilla Faulhaber, a respected anthropologist at the Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi specializing in interethnic relations between indigenous peoples and Amazonian national societies. Faculty and graduate students in Linguistics, Public Administration, Ecology, History, and Geography will also present their current research.
At a parallel event, They Killed Sister Dorothy will premiere in competition at the SXSW Film Festival. This new feature-length documentary follows the incredible events in the wake of Sister Dorothy Stang’s 2005 murder in the Brazilian Amazon. Produced by Oscar-winner Nigel Noble and narrated by Martin Sheen, They Killed Sister Dorothy captures the battle and the thorny social realities behind tropical deforestation and possible solutions in a suspenseful and surprising film. Director Daniel Junge and cast members will attend screenings at the Austin Convention Center.
UT events are free and open to the public. They will take place in the Texas Union (UNB) at 24th and Guadalupe, and Sid Richardson Hall (SRH) on Red River south of Dean Keaton. For ticket information, visit For more info., visit or e-mail . Amazon Week is sponsored by the Brazil Center, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, College of Liberal Arts, and the Brazilian Consulate in Houston.


One response to “University of Texas to Host Third Amazon Week March 4-10

  1. The Amazon is part of the life blood of Our World.
    My sister Dorothy Stang gave freely her blood to this Great Amazon, to the people of Brazil, whom she loved to her death, to the small farmer who is being raped, robbed, killed (over 800 so far with no trials), enslaved and their houses and crops being burned. Right before Christmas, at night, 11 judges met and annulled the last trial which indicted Raifrans her killer. This film, “They Killed Sister Dorothy”, is so vital to see. I will be there to witness the story of my sister whom I still love with all my heart.
    David Stang

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