Bloggers needed for TX Community Media Summit

The TX Community Media Summit will take place on March 1, 2008, on campus. Registration for the conference is free and anyone interested in community media should attend. Here is a link to their website:
The conference organizers are also looking for student reporters. Here is a description of what they need:
This would entail blogging / taking notes on the highlights of the breakout session conversation on a laptop, then helping the facilitator to summarize the session at the end and what ultimately comes of it- if there are clear ideas or proposals discussed, these should be noted. You should be able to present any action items along with the facilitator to the entire group at the end of the day. Then we would post a final version of the condensed report of the breakout session on the Web site (with the name of the author – that’s you!).
Here is a schedule of the breakout sessions on the agenda: We do already have some signed up for a few of the sessions but please let me know if you are interested which topics you prefer.
Contact Angie Yowell if you are interested.

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