Spanish Horror Films a “Different Experience”

(Washington Post)–Jan. 11, 2008 12:00 AM, by Desson Thomson
WASHINGTON – As American horror has devolved into a butcher’s market, where the hacking, lopping and chopping of captives has become the central purpose, the genre has forgotten to care about the people doing all the screaming – the “us” in the movie.
Hollywood has repurposed the genre into an efficient carnage-delivery system; as such “torture porn” films as Lionsgate’s Saw and Hostel have taken in more than half a billion dollars, their characters have been rendered as nothing more than upright lambs to the slaughter. Sure, the genre has occasionally flirted with a more art-house style from abroad (those creepy girl-in-the-well Ring films by way of Japan). But even those efforts have ignored their audience’s deep-seated need to empathize with somebody – anybody. Read the full story.

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