How Do You Say ‘Got Milk’ en Español?

(New York Times) By CYNTHIA GORNEY, September 23, 2007
“That boy over there?” John Gallegos said. “Straddler. His mother is a Learner. She’s going to be talking to him in Spanish. Watch.”
Making a Metaphor Out of a Rabbit John Gallegos and the Energizer conejo. His challenge: To turn his client’s mascot into the cultural touchstone for Spanish speakers that it is for Anglophones.
Catherine Ledner
Gallegos stood quietly, in the wide central part of a mall, pretending to look at nothing. The mother and son passed close by. She had dark red hair and was leaning on the boy’s arm; he was 14 or so, and in blue jeans. Gallegos was right. The mother was chatting amiably in Spanish. Gallegos tilted his head toward four teenagers shambling along. “Those kids? All Straddlers,” he said. “Well, the guy with his cap backwards — he might be a Navigator. He’s probably more English-media-consuming.
Link to the full article here.

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