A Special Issue of Flow: Issue on Latin America Media

A Special Issue of Flow: A Critical Forum is now available online. This issue
features columns on Latin American Media, part of our ongoing mission to
include a wide range of authors and investigatory topics in the journal.
Please visit the journal at http://www.flowtv.org to read these columns and contribute responses to them. Each article begins with a Spanish or Portuguese-language column, and is followed by the English translation.
This issue’s articles:
“La telenovela mexicana en el ciberespacio / Mexican Telenovelas in Cyberspace”
by: Claudia Benassini Félix
“Xenofobia y Mitos en la Cobertura Televisiva de la Selección Nacional Mexicana
/ Xenophobia and Myths in the Broadcasting of The Mexican National Soccer Team”
by: Jorge Alberto Calles-Santillana
“La semiótica de la televisión en América Latina: problemáticas y perspectivas
metodológicas / The Semiotics of Television in Latin America: Problems and
Methodological Perspectives” by: Alfredo Cid Jurado
“La televisión mexicana y la transformación del poder en México en el siglo XXI
/ Mexican Television and Transformations of Power in 21st Century Mexico” by:
Javier Esteinou Madrid
“‘Cibercultura’ y cibercultur@ / Cyberculture and Cybercultur@” by: Jorge A.
“Comunicación y personas mayors / Communication and ‘Great People’” by: José
Hernández Herrerías
“La info-estructura de los 22 portales o sitios ciudadanos de los países / The
Info-Structure of the 22 Web Gateways or Citizen Targeted Government Websites
of Countries Located in the Continental Platform of America (2006)” by: Octavio
Islas and Arturo Caro
“El Inicio de la Investigación Científica de la Comunicación Social en América
Latina / The Beginning of Scientific Mass Communication Research in Latin
America” by: José Luis Ortiz Garza
Información sobre el proyecto Office of Inter-American Affairs [OIAA] dirigido
por Nelson Rockefeller. / Information about the the Office of Inter-American
Affairs [OIAA], a project directed by Nelson Rockefeller.
“Place, Race, and Class: Watching Brazilian TV in Salvador, Bahia” by: Joe
“La televisión cultural mexicana / Mexican Cultural Television” by: Florence

One response to “A Special Issue of Flow: Issue on Latin America Media

  1. The direct link to the issue is: http://flowtv.org/?cat=71
    Welcome to all, both to the speciall issue and to the ongoing conversations in Flow!

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