CFP: (des)articulaciones in/with Latin American Cultural Processes

October 5 -6, 2007, Pittsburgh, PA USA
The Graduate Students of the Department of Hispanic Languages and
Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh cordially invite you to
reflect on current Latin American and Caribbean aesthetic production from
alternate points of enunciation.
We propose three primary thematic avenues:
Points of Enunciation and Modes of Production
The literary field and issues of funding and academic resources in Latin
America; translation and reception; the diverse roles and functions of
scholars with/in public debate; dialogues and divergences between the
United States and European corpora and Latin American corpus;
epistemological decolonization.
Narratives and the (Im)possibility of the Nation-State
The “traditional” nation vis-à-vis its formulation through “pluri-
societal” structures; migration, transit, and border narratives; the “new
Latin American Left”; problems of drug-trafficking and violence.
Shifting Identities/Subjectivities in Latin America and the Caribbean
Narrating and representing in gendered textualities (queer, feminism,
masculinity); ethnic representations and racial definitions; generational/
temporal conflicts and confluences.
Deadline: May 28, 2007.
Presentation proposals will be accepted until May
28 th, 2007 at the following e-mail address:
Please include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone
number, and an abstract no longer than 500 words in English, Spanish or

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