April 4: Racism, White Privilege & Coalition Politics

Racism, White Privilege & Coalition Politics: A Transnational Dialogue with
João Costa Vargas & Charles R. Hale

A Conversation on Global White Supremacy, Activism, and Grassroots
Alternatives to Neoliberalism

Charles R. Hale, professor of anthropology at the UT-Austin and author of
Más Que Un Indio (more Than An Indian): Racial Ambivalence And The Paradox
Of Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Guatemala, will begin by reflecting on
his work on race and ethnicity in Guatemala and Nicaragua.
João Costa Vargas, professor of Anthropology at UT-Austin and
author of Catching Hell In The City Of Angels: Life And Meanings Of
Blackness In South Central Los Angeles will talk about the organized efforts
of African-diasporic anti-racists in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro
Wednesday, April 4th
7:30 pm
MonkeyWrench Books
110 E North Loop (53rd St & Ave F)

for more info or directions call 512-407-6925


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