March 26-30: “Keep UT Hate Free Week”

Monday March 26th 11-1:00 Main 212 Topic “Dollars and Sense” How
socioeconomic status affects one’s access to education and life as a
Tuesday March 27 11-1:00 West Mall Topic “Keep UT Hate Free Day” Focus on diversity, sharing cultures, religions, and nationalities.
6:30-7 and 7-8:30 Reception and Main event in Main 210 and Main 212 Faculty panel and administrative officials speak about their life experiences and how they have been victims of stereotypes, prejudice, or ignorance.
Wednesday March 28 5-7pm San Jacinto Multipurpose Room Topic “Celebrating Religious Diversity” Religious Diversity-understanding different faiths
Thursday March 29 6-8 Recreational Sports Center “Dimensions of Diversity” Round table discussion, with well known speakers and professors, and staff
to discuss the various identities that they hold.
Friday March 30 11-1:00 Sinclair Suite “Looking to the Future” Bringing
together students, faculty and staff to brainstorm the best way to bring the
UT community together to promote awareness off issues within the 40 acres


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