Thurs. March 22: Movies in Spanish at MonkeyWrench Books

Thursday, March 22 at 8:00 pm at MonkeyWrench Books
Cineadictos Filmclub — Movies in Spanish on Thursdays
Red Dawn (Rojo Amanecer) (1989, 96 min)
Directed by: Jorge Fons
Starring: Hector Bonilla, Maria Rojo, Ademar Arau, Damian Bichir and others
October 2, 1968 in Mexico City. There’s only ten days before the Olympic
Games and a small student’s revolt has turned into major political
turmoil. A demonstration will be held that day in Tlatelolco (the largest
public housing complex in the city) and the situation is extremely tense.
A typical middle-class Mexican family will be tragically involved in the
events, when the meeting is brutally interrupted by the army and hundreds
of people are killed in the square in front of their apartment building.
In Mexican cinema, direct references to the national reality are scarce
and sporadic. It seems as if there is a will to turn film away from
conflictive moments in Mexican history. For that reason a film like Red
Dawn should be examined considering its exceptional character. The events
of October 2, 1968 were the first deep wound in the national psyche since
the consolidation of PRI power in the late 20’s.
A stunning film that shook the conscience of the public, Red Dawn has a
special resonance because the facts that it narrates are still present in
the Mexican collective memory. It neither analyzes the causes and effects
of the movement nor denounces the totalitarian state. It is simply a
chronicle of one night when the boundaries of decency were lost and terror
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