News Director, UNIVISION/KAKW in Austin

KAKW/Univision has an immediate opening for the position of NEWS DIRECTOR. Position provides direction, leadership, motivation, support and encouragement to staff in the generation of story ideas and production of a compelling news product; sets department’s philosophy and policies; handles all administrative functions including reports and budgets.
1. Responsible for newsroom philosophy and policies, and its vision and direction. Develops in advance yearly coverage priorities for the newscast and “sweeps plan” for key rating periods.
2. Prepares and manages newsroom budget, including the forecasting of expenses in the department. Authorizes expenses and reviews and monitors the use of overtime.
3. Reviews and critiques newscast production values. Responsible for the on-air look of the programs produced by the news department and approves news promotions.
4. Responsible for ascertaining community needs and developing new news sources.
5. Understands and monitors ratings for News Properties and responds to the importance of maintaining/growing those ratings especially during critical Sweeps periods.
•College degree is preferred, but will consider experience in lieu of degree if all other qualifications are met.
•A minimum of five years experience in television news, including two years supervisory experience as a news director, assistant news director, executive producer or producer is required.
•Applicant should be creative, promotion and marketing oriented; possess strong leadership and organizational skills, excellent interpersonal skills and a thorough understanding of news gathering technology.
•Must be bilingual–completely fluent in Spanish, spoken and written, and in spoken English– and computer literate.
Contact Information: Blanca Gaytan. Fax: (512) 533-2884
Ref ID: KAKW-0107

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