Explore Public Policy This Summer at the LBJ School

LBJ School of Public Affairs: Preparing Students for Graduate Study and Careers in Public Policy, May 29 – July 8, 2007
To further the mission of leadership training in the increasingly diverse environment of the 21st century, the LBJ School of Public Affairs offers a
fully-funded summer leadership program designed specifically for upperclassmen interested in exploring the field of public policy in a graduate school environment. Rising seniors from all academic disciplines are invited to apply to the Inman Scholars Program. The LBJ School is particularly interested in attracting qualified students of color to this program.
Program Benefits
Applicants who are selected to participate in the Inman Scholar’s Program will be invited to Austin, Texas for a six-week residential leadership program
(May 29 – July 8, 2007) focusing on public policy as a tool for change in our society. The Inman Scholars Program consists of three primary components: leadership training, academic preparation in quantitative methods and policy analysis, and career mentoring.
Program participants will receive:
• On Campus Housing and Meals
• Tuition and Fees covering six hours of transferable undergraduate course credit
• Classroom instruction in Introduction to Quantitative Foundations for Public Policy and Global Issues in Public Policy
• Career Training and Mentoring
• Leadership Training from the LBJ School’s Center for Ethical Leadership
• $1,000 Stipend at the completion of the program
Undergraduates from any Texas college or university who will complete their junior year prior to May 30, 2007, are eligible to apply.
Dates and Deadlines
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning February 28, 2007. Students will be notified of the committee’s decision by March 26, 2007.
Priority will be given to applicants who apply early.
Application Process
Application forms and instructions are posted on the Inman Scholars Program website at www.utexas.edu/ lbj/inman.
For additional information, contact Megan Murphy, at the LBJ School
of Public Affairs, by phone at 512-471-8288 or by email at megan.murphy@ mail.utexas. edu


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